Our Story

Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization

A team of automotive designers, F1 aerodynamicists, master craftsmen, and serial entrepreneurs, we share a passion for all things cars - the thrill of speed, the beauty of design, the epic exhaust sounds, and the sheer joy of driving.

While our lives have taken us down different paths, some pursued their passion within the industry and others took on new adventures, we [re]connected at ADRO to chase our lifelong dreams of working with cars. The result? A company that excels in product design and craftsmanship in all things carbon fiber. This passion is only equaled by our perseverance in pushing the automotive industry forward in technology and ideology.

We’re not just a carbon fiber parts company. We’re a brand that believes in pushing boundaries of what’s possible, taking risks to chase lifelong dreams, and pursuing the path less traveled in search of a lifestyle that doesn’t check a box.

Working together we established a process to manufacture bespoke components which complement every vehicle and accentuate the aspects of form & function.


Eye for Design

With a deep understanding and experience in automotive OEM design, we seek to create components that are not only aerodynamically efficient but also aesthetically pleasing. Our design philosophy has always been to improve the style while staying true to the original design characteristics.


Passion for Aerodynamics

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), aerodynamic analyses are performed to compare the efficacy of a factory car to one that has been fitted with ADRO's kit, and further simulations are conducted to determine and refine the optimal design of ADRO’s aero package.


Attention to Detail

We utilize a proprietary 7-stage production process that allows our components to not only meet aftermarket demand but meet OEM quality regulations. ADRO's in-house process starts with a world-class 3D scan of a complete OEM vehicle, followed by detailed design, 3D digital surface modeling, and CAD development to ensure a factory level of fitment and reusing the OEM mounting where possible.

Davis Lee

Chief Design Officer

Famous for his Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 design, which is still hailed as one of the best concept cars ever designed, and his work with the CLS, S-Class, Hyundai Ioniq 5, and more, Davis joined ADRO as Chief Design Officer in January 2022. With 10 years of OEM design experience, he is looking to shake up the aftermarket industry with stylish designs that flow cohesively with the vehicle’s original design DNA.

Scott Beeton

Head of Aerodynamics

Scott has been involved in motorsport for over 15 years with a primary focus on aerodynamics and improving vehicle performance. After graduating with distinction from legendary aerodynamicist Adrian Newey’s alma mater Southampton University, he immediately started as an Aerodynamicist at the Williams Formula One team where he was primarily responsible for the front wing development of the 2009/2010 cars and was involved in CFD methodology. Since then he’s been involved with World Time Attack Challenge, the largest time attack event in the world, both helping to craft the regulations and as a vehicle designer. Scott has also offered training and consulting services specializing in race car design and aerodynamic development through his company AeroDesign Pty Ltd for more than 10 years.


Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

With a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from KAIST University and a Masters in Race Car Aerodynamics from Southampton University, Sean Yoon leads the Aerodynamics Division at ADRO. Sean, who was on track to join the Ferrari F1 race team as their aerodynamicists before the Lehman Brothers’ collapse, became a serial entrepreneur, working with LG Electronics, a global innovator in technology and consumer electronics; Enswers, a pioneer of Automatic Content Recognition technology; Noom, a health and wellness subscription-based app; and most recently O2Palm, a project management software. Coming full circle, he’s once more chasing his dream of working with cars by leading ADRO’s engineering team.

Dongwan Yoo

Co-Founder / Chief Product Officer

With over 15 years of FRP and carbon tuning experience, Dongwan leads ADRO with his passion for automotive aesthetics and carbon fiber manufacturing. He was also in charge of producing the carbon fiber body kit for the Hyundai RM 15 concept, which debuted with much fanfare at the Frankfurt Motor Show. He brings his relentless pursuit of top-grade materials, eye for design, and passion for body kits to create the highest quality aftermarket parts.